Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Election and voting list fun!

I have not voted in any election till now. I did regret not voting last time. I had the opportunity to vote in two elections. I want to vote because I want to have the right to complain :). Also, I want a candidate of my like to win. Last time, even though I filled application for registration, my name was missing from the voting list. This time it is not, but I am 3 years younger according to Election Commission. Similarly my mom is 18 according to them, my younger sister who is in PUC is 28. Luckily my brother's age is correct in the list. Funniest part is, my landlord's every other info is correct except the address! I am not sure if the Returning officer would allow us to vote with such inconsistencies in the data. We anyway want to try our luck. The Political parties distributed small pamphlets with each voter's name, serial number and other information. I wonder how did they get the list. May be from the website which showed the complete list. This time it was easy to know if one's name of registered through the website Thanks to the site.
I will vote. Will you?