Friday, May 18, 2007

after one year...

Its been exactly one year since I created my blog. And it remained empty till now as I never bothered to write anything. Now, exactly after one year, my friend happened to look at my blog. He left a comment asking me to write something here! Initially,I was very excited by the thought of writing my ideas and becoming (in)famous. I was hyperactive till I created space for myself here. When I sat down to write something, my mind went blank. Could not write anything. What to write about? Who will care to read?. These were some of the questions which popped up and still hover over my head.

What to write was a BIG question then too and now too :). I have always thought that the bloggers were usually jobless souls at IT companies who write blogs to kill the time. This thought used to get stronger helped my by friends' blogs which used to get updated everyday with loads of stuff. I used to wonder how can one get so much of time to sit and key in so much of text. But it would have been okay if it was just some text. But people do(?!) think and write, unlike me :). Now that i have started writing, I should let my friends know by e-mailing them. hehe.. Specially to those who keep bombarding me with mails about updated blogs. I have few people sending mails about their updated blogs and find it very funny. Every evening they would shoot a mail about the updated blog! They get paid to blog!