Tuesday, September 30, 2008

jack of many, master of none

I was speaking to a colleague of mine about my interests. He seem to have observed that my interests change often. According to him, I seem to have mastered the art of being a "jack of many, master of none". If one goes by the previous statement, one can say, I am master of one art at least :D. Even I agree with him. The reason why feel this is, I am trying to do many things without a concentrating on a single thing. Initially I used to sketch a lot. That is stopped now. Later I wanted to try painting. And I tried my hands on guitar too. Soon I seem to have lost interest. Now I have started bird watching! Lets see how far I hold on to it. The same was the case to blogging. The frequency of posts has reduced very much. But there is one thing which is regular. Cycling on the weekends. I am happy that I am able to stick to at least one interest.